December 08, 2013

CrowsToes Tiki Torch

CrowsToes Tiki Torch was released a few months back in the American summer season. Of course I knew right away that I had to have it and in my helmer it has sat for the last couple of months. Anyway, last night I finally managed to get it on my nails and it is spectacular although a little more sheer than I had hoped it wasn't a problem as the formula was easy enough to work with.

CrowsToes Tiki Torch beautiful purple jelly base with a mixture of orange, pink and holographic microglitter. Pictured at four coats with topcoat. Tiki Torch does not need multiple coats of topcoat to smooth out and I guess you could layer it and so many coats wouldn't be required but I wanted to keep the full squishy jelly finish. Overall, I love it.


  1. Wow, that's really beautiful!!

  2. Argh, how did you get such good photos?? I couldn't get this color to pop no matter what I did.

    1. Just my camera and light box. I think it looks even nicer in person because I couldn't really capture the tiny holographic sparkles.

  3. This is so squishy! I love a good purple jelly.